Vivid dreams….

…of you, last night, Maggie…. ♥

We were at a rally obedience dog trial…you were off in the distance laying down in a field.  I was worried about having to take you to the vet to put you to rest due to kidney failure…I talked with my vet at the trial(why was she there?) and she said no worries, that she had something for you and all would be well…..then I remembered, well, I hadn’t had to give you prednisone lately to make you eat…you were eating on your own very well…. I had to tell Gina the good news…

Is this a sign?  Some of sort of sign from you?  That all is well with you and you are eating and feeling fine?

Crazy dreams….this photo of you from 2007 is similar to what I saw in my dream..bright white coat and glistening in the sun… ♥

Maggie summer -07
Summer 2007
Love you Maggie!