In Memory of Maggie….


….I was presented this wall hanging of Maggie this past weekend at a Wag It Games Trial!  Every dog that has competed in Wag It Games, that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, get honored in this fashion.  This is sooo special…note the three paws in the corners of the hanging and the heart in the left bottom corner.  Maggie was the inspiration to the “Heart Dog Program” in Wag It Games,  for disabled dogs.  Disabled dogs can compete with exercise modifications for their disabilities….

You will NEVER be forgotten, Maggie, by myself and by MANY others….


“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones;

And when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.”

Victor Hugo




I can still feel you, Maggie….

As I was looking at this photo today of you, it just made me think of how I can still feel you…

How I used to hold one of your front paws when you’d sleep..

How you had long toes..

How you had the softest fur on your head..

How you had a thick bushy tail with the end of it broken from birth..

How your fur at your right flank started to get rough feeling as you got sicker with kidney failure..

How loose your skin was at your neck and how thick your fur was on your neck..

How your black spots would get hot in the sun but your white fur wouldn’t…

I can still feel every inch of you, Maggie…I knew every inch of you after all the years we were together..

You allowed me to work on you from massage, to t-touch, to giving IV fluids…never arguing over anything I did to you…to help you…

I’d do it all over again for you Maggie….I miss you so…


July 2012 - I helped her up on this rock although she WOULD try to jump up there!
July 2012 – I helped her up on this rock although she WOULD try to jump up there!