A quick update on Maggie…

Just a quick update on Maggie as my sister, Gina, came to see her yesterday.  I think

it’s been over a month since she saw her.  She said she was better than what she

thought she would be in the “mental” department and “with it”.  Physically, she is

weaker but if she didn’t know she had CRF, she would just figure it was typical

old dog stuff.

Maggie had a “big” afternoon(for her!).  She hung outside with us, was amongst us

trying to get treats from me, while we were playing on the Wag It Games obstacles

with the other two dogs.  I was in shock!  She really hasn’t done that in eons – usually

she just lays by the side and just watches us now.  Then, we did a little Sniff It session

with food search in the tents.  Maggie used to be, as her blog name says, AGILE. Well,

not so much anymore…she wrecked the course!  She didn’t hop in and out of the tents

with ease as she used to..  It was funny (but not really) but she had fun just the same!

Gimme’ food she says! 🙂

Um yeah, I couldn't get thru the tent window like I used to!  So just flopped down instead :)
Um yeah, I couldn’t get thru the tent window like I used to! So just flopped down instead 🙂
Ok, so Aunt Gina says I wrecked the course!  Upside down tent and I'm in a partially torn down tent - Oops!
Ok, so Aunt Gina says I wrecked the course! Upside down tent and I’m in a partially torn down tent – Oops!

“Then, the highlight of the afternoon!  A black dog came into MY yard and I finally

witnessed it!  Mom tells me it’s happened two other times but I’ve been holed up in the

garage and my hearing isn’t too good, so I’ve missed all the action!  But not this time!

Good thing Aunt Gina grabbed me by my waist ’cause I was gonna “get em’!  Yep!

I STILL got it in me to raise holy ole’ terror when a strange dog enters MY yard!”

Then later, I had Gina do Maggie’s fluids – she’s so good and fast with those needles!

Maggie, once again, never cringed or knew Gina put the needle into her!  Unfortunately,

I’m not that good and Maggie kinda ducks her head every time I poke her 🙁  Gina

said don’t make a ‘deal’ of it – as in I set Maggie up in a certain spot each time etc.

Maggie didn’t even realize what Gina was doing…  but maybe she would eventually, if

she did it more?  So Maggie will just have to keep putting up with me!

It was nice to see Maggie engaging in the afternoon with us!!  The “old Maggie”

reappeared for a while!  She seems no worse for wear this morning….so that’s a good

thing! 🙂

‘Til next time, Maggie keeps hoppin'(and sometimes floppin’)

Tracy & Maggie


Author: maggie

Maggie was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on her left knee. She had amputation done on October 20, 2009. Four days after surgery she had a low grade fever and was off her food for two weeks! Trying times.. I am grateful and so pleased with how she is progressing now.

4 thoughts on “A quick update on Maggie…”

  1. Yay Maggie. Sounds like you are doing pretty good. I loved the fact you played a little bit. awesome. Keep going Maggie

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. “Get those tents Maggie!! Get ’em!” Good girl! Making you crawl through tents to get your treat? HA! You showed them!:-)

    This is such an uplifting update! So delightful to read!

    Maggie is living her life on her terms and doing it with such joy and glee! This post just warms my heart today. It really does.

    This is an incredible journeh you are on with Maggie. She is an i spiration to us all….and I mean that.

    Better post a sign in “her” yard—“Little lack dog BEWARE—Maggie’s watchng you!”

    Thanks for the update and pictures! Very fun! And from what I could see of Maggie as sne was tearing down tne tent……she looked fabulous:-) 🙂

    Lots of love to the whole pack!

    Sallh and Happy Hannah

  3. Yeah, I think the tents need to watch out for Maggie the Regulator!

    We want so badly for these dogs to grow old naturally and age like any other dog, but sometimes it’s not the most graceful or easy thing to witness. But happy and graceful or agile are not the same things, so as long as she’s content to watch or snooze or barrel-ass her way through tent windows, I think she’s enjoying her life.

    I wish her many more days in the sun with her family and her treats and just enough strange dogs to keep her interested.


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