As winter sets in I am thinking of you Maggie….

Run!!!! Go Maggie!

It’s been a while since I have blogged on your blog, Maggie.  Today is a good day to do it.  It has been snowing all day..and it’s really piling up after several days of it.  This weather really makes me think of you…  How tough winters were for you but yet you still did love the “white stuff” being of Northern breed descent(that’s a guess on my part!)

Ice was especially tough in the winter.  HATED it when things would ice over.  We are still making our snow sled trails in the yard…although have scaled back some now because you aren’t here with us.

The first time I go on our winter trails across the road today will not be the same without you.  You LOVED those trails!  Loved digging for frozen deer poop, loved helping me clean the trails with your great stick demolishing expertise and loved seeing and sniffing out winter wildlife.

I still miss you greatly….I suspect that will NEVER change…..

foolish mags 2011
Nice stick Maggie!
Her favorite toy was a jolly ball…

Missing you Maggie!