We woke up this morning to a balmy measly 6 degrees AND windy!  Yuck.  I don’t like to go out in that kind of weather unless Mom goes out with me!  Later in the day, me, Mom, Papa and Haley went for a short walk in a logyard where my Mom’s lumbermill keeps their logs.  We go there ’cause it’s plowed for me to walk safely.  I still had to be careful though.  Mom kept me on leash cause the center of the road where they’d been driving over it alot was slick and she feared if I saw a deer or something, I’d fall on that slippery part of the road. 

Later in the day, we went outside again one last time for the day.  I get really crazy toward the end of the day.  My Mom always says it is when my ‘prey drive’ kicks in…that was the time of the day she and I always liked to practice agility…cause I was just full of energy then!

Because of all the wind, it has blown the snow all over the place and now where the snow remains, it is ROCK SOLID.  I was feeling pretty silly and I took off cause Mom was chasing me out of a deer poop pile ( I just LOVE to eat deer poop!) and I ran just as fast as I could thru the hard packed snow…but it got deep toward the end and I got hung up in the stupid snow again 🙁  My Mom worries so much about me hurting my one back leg.  I’m trying to be careful but sometimes I just feel like I can do anything..just like I could with four legs…but I get reminded I can’t do the things I used to do, or at least as easily as I used to.

My Mom gave me a massage later just to be sure I was OK and didn’t hurt myself….I just LOVE my massages my Mom gives me 🙂