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Debut in APDT Rally Obedience is a HIT!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Hey all my Tripawd Friends!

Guess what! Guess what! I was a HIT at Rally Obedience this weekend!! And I don’t just mean that I was a hit as in a cool dog to watch but HIT also stands for HIGH IN TRIAL!!! Me! I was the bestest of the weekend! Can you believe that?!?!?! Well, I can..cause I AM pretty full of myself at times and this was a time where I thought I was a pretty darn cool Tripawd showing the world that YES! indeed, I can STILL rock in a ring! 🙂 Pffttt….who needs four legs anyway?! Look at me perform in Level 1…I earned my title getting three qualifying scores for my RL1 title! And then I got a fourth one to go toward my Excellent title in Level 1!

This first video is my very first run! I did four for the weekend but we didn’t get my very BEST run of a perfect score of 210! I made NO mistakes to get that score! 🙂 My other scores were 199, 204 and 204 out of 210. Not too darn shabby for this 3 legger, eh?

Everyone was sooo impressed with me…saying things like I was so inspirational. Me? Inspirational? Can you imagine that! Another person said she couldn’t believe it had only been 6 months since amputation and how well I was doing. I told her to tell my Mom that cause she’s always been concerned about me being behind the ‘eight ball’ in recovering 🙂 And then there were PLENTY of people crying….WTH?! What in the heck were they crying for? Apparently, I had some effect on those humans!!!

And here’s a picture of me with my perfect score of 210 BLUE ribbon! (no video of that run – boohoo!)

Blue ribbon for a perfect score in Rally of 210!

Not sure how much Rally I’ll do…my Mom is concerned about me not being able to sit so much. I only did 2 runs per day and I handled those purty good, Mom! She’s thinking about putting me in Veteran’s class where the courses are shorter and there is less sitting for us Veterans(not to mention 3 leggers). So I’m up for more adventures!

Rally On!