More PT rehab work ideas for Tripawds!

I am on FitPaws Facebook page and they showed a photo of a dog on top of two of their “donuts” doing rehab work for a spinal issue and talking about how much the dog had improved. I’m not terribly fond of those donuts as they literally have a hole in the center and with our 3 leggers, I really can’t see those PT tools being very safe for them to work on(although they have suggested putting a towel down in the holes). So I thought, hmm, I work Maggie on one BOSU balance dome now, maybe if I get another one, she can work both her front and rear end at the same time…getting even more of a workout. I posted this video on FitPaws facebook page and they responded to me saying that this is a great workout idea for Maggie! This was only her second session on them and she did great! What I like about using these is I don’t really have to manipulate or hang onto Maggie…she does all the work 🙂 I do help her position her rear foot at times though but since this session, she’s gotten way better about positioning herself! This will be quite the workout for her as I could see her rear leg quiver just a bit in one session, so I quit on that note, knowing she was muscle fatiguing. Highly recommend this for other Tripawds! Front or rear leggers! 🙂


As she gets stronger, I may have her do two Fitpaws Balance DISCS – I have one now that I work her on but it is REALLY hard for her to balance on…not sure doing two at one time with her whole body, she’d be able to handle..we’ll see.


UPDATE: 11-19-11 here’s a video of Maggie working on the domes – she’s gotten even stronger since I originally posted 1st video above: