Wish I could do the things I used to do easily….

There are times that I’m so bummed I can’t do the things I’ve done all my life as easy as I used to or do them at all 🙁  My Mom and me and my sister were out tonight and I ran into the barn to grab a toy…then I shake it for all it’s worth to KILL IT…well, due to the snow on the ground now, I lost my grip and balance and down I went again…I think I’ve fallen almost everyday for four days now!  Soooooooooooooooo depressing…hurts my pride…I’m a VERY proud dog and used to be sooooo AGILE.  I often wonder what happened to me?  Why can’t I be like I used to be?  My little sister was busy barking and trying to chase the distant deer herd away(we have electronic fence so we can’t get at them!) and usually I would join in…but not now, not after I fell..I knew better then…to just stand and watch her do it on her own…that was one of my favorite things to do….  Makes my Mom sad to see me not be able to do the things I used to do and it makes me sad and confused at times. 🙁