From agile to not so agile….

Ok, so I’m feeling sorry for myself this weekend…so here’s my sob story…

What’s up with me being one minute my usual agile self to then not being so agile!!!  This 3 legged stuff is HARD!!!!!

Friday night, my Mom decides it’s time for a bath!  Why?!  I’m still white looking aren’t I?  I haven’t had a bath since the day I got busted out of the hospital back in October.  I used to have regular baths but Mama had been putting if off…you can guess why…yup, the fact I now have 3 legs.  Baths were easy before, she’d put the bath matt down in the tub, she’d tell me “time for a bath”, I’d jump in the tub on my own and then she’d tie me so she could wash me up and me hold still.  Well, Mama asked Papa to at least help her get me in the tub…I went to the tub edge and I was scared…I was really going to try to jump in!  Mama said wait a minute, Mags…we’ll help ya.  So Papa lifted me up and into the tub.  All was well UNTIL I moved my rear leg off the matt and I got scared and freaked out…Papa grabbed me and held me reassuring me that I’d be OK.  So for the rest of the bath, Papa hung on to me while Mama scrubbed and rinsed.  Then out of the tub by the help of my Papa again…  So a not so ‘agile’ moment….I used to jump in and out of the tub on my own!!!  Here’s a picture of me after my bath…I don’t dry too fast and it’s tough to get my coat dry(even with a blow dryer!) so I got wrapped up in a blanket…I was toasty warm after that!

Yesterday, me, Mama and little sister Haley, went down to our local town hall where my Mom and Haley practice Rally-obedience.  I haven’t been down there since my amputation.  My Mom has been hesitant to take me as it has tile floor…but she took me and put on one of those stupid balloon type rubber booties on my rear foot so I wouldn’t slip.  Well, that worked fine for standing and moving…but no way did it help me be able to sit and lie down on the stupid floor!  So Mom and I stuck to just practicing heeling – which I might add that I RULE over little sister in that department!  Mom says that I am a better heeling dog than that little rugrat sister of mine!! He-he!  And she’s been doing it longer than me!!! 🙂  But then after a while, I was getting tired and loosing my spring in my step…so in pops in that stupid “not so agile” feeling again 🙁

So, today, my Mom took rugrat sister over on our snowsled trail for a walk but I couldn’t go today as the trail was just too loose/punchy and Mom didn’t want me to overwork myself and get sore.  That SUCKED but Papa took me for a R-I-D-E!!!  And I got to go deer hunting!  Yay!  That’s the best!  You know, Opie, you might do this in Alaska too, we call it ‘heater hunting’….ride around in the vehicle and watch for wildlife from the’s not really hunting season…but it is in my doggie world 🙂  I get to stalk deer from inside my warm Jeep and then when they run I bark and carry on!  I love it!  It’s great fun!

So after I got back from my ride with Papa, Mama was feeling sorry for me, so took me down on a quiet road to walk me on.  I was hippity-hopping along, feeling quite “agile” once again…and then WHAMO! the ground gives way and I’m literally stuck up to my belly in a hole!  My rear leg fell through the snow on the side of the road cause the stupid plow truck driver winged the banks back too far and into the deep ditch I went!  If it hadn’t been such a sad sight and I had four legs it MIGHT be funny…but it was NOT funny and I was darn glad my Mom was there to pull me out!!!!  Thank gawd for that Ruffwear harness handle for her to help me better!  So, that didn’t phase me too bad, I turned around and looked at the stupid hole, like frig you!  I’ll show you, I’ll be “agile” again in a few minutes!

So off I go, my Mom has me on leash cause we’re on the side of the road…well, when she has to have me on leash I think it’s pretty darn funny to really hippity-hop fast and make her jog behind me 🙂  She jogs cause she doesn’t want the leash pulling on me and pulling me off balance…  We don’t go too far…cause she doesn’t want me to get tired – well,  I think the REAL reason is I’m tiring HER out!  He-he!  Come on Mama…you can jog, can’t you?! 

On the way back, I get another great “agile” moment….I smell something…hmmm…a deer possibly?  And I hippity-hop right on up to the top of a huge snowbank with my Mama saying “hey, where are you going?!”….  Come on, Mom…there’s a goooood smell over here…I can scale this mountain of snow…no problem!

Well, she convinces me to come back down and I hippity-hop(and she jogs) back to the car.  Darn….short walk…  But my Mama is trying really hard to give me exercise but not too much to get sore.  Do any of you other 3 leggers get sore/tired?  I hate not being able to be as “agile” on 3 legs at times…but at least there are moments of being ‘agile’ on 3 too! 

And one more thing that’s not so ‘agile’….just how do all you other 3 leggers in cold climates, hold up a paw when it’s cold??!?  Used to be easy when I had 4 legs…but 3?!?!  Holy crap!  That’s a test of ‘agileness’ I have yet to pass!


Tripawd Awareness Ribbon

I found this on the tripawds website…I thought I’d post on Maggie’s blog too…it’s beautiful!

I just realized looking at this ribbon – it’s blue – which from Maggie and my agility competition days, meant 1st place. As I sit here gazing at this Awareness ribbon, I then look at the wallful of ribbons that Maggie has gotten through the years of competition….alot of blue’s in there…and now, which one means the most to me….this Awareness Ribbon…my brave, brave, dog, Maggie….you have earned another blue ribbon…. You’re my HERO Mags..I love you!

Good Weekend!

I had a good weekend…My Mom took me walking on our trail 3 days in a row!  I was a little weak after Friday’s walk, so we made our Saturday walk only 15 minutes..and then yesterday I got to go for a longer one again 🙂  My Mom takes me and my sister separately now for walks…cause I can’t go as far…but that’s really OK by me, cause my little sister, Haley, thinks she has to power walk the entire walk!  I don’t know why she hasn’t caught on to the fact, if you go slower, the walk lasts longer!  I like to stop and smell the bushes, look around and see if I can spot a deer or rabbit and just breathe in the fresh air!  So, walking with just me, is sorta like a “stroll” vs. “power walking” that Haley does!  Sometimes, I swear, that little sister of mine isn’t too swift 😉

Here’s a video clip of me enjoying my walk:

And me grooming the trail – I do what I can to help 🙂

My Mom got my “spin” and “twist” trick on tape so she could show everyone…you’ll see that I’m darn good at the “spin”…much to my amazement of my Mom.  I’m much stronger now, so not to worry, Mama…I CAN do it 🙂


My Rehab Work/Rally-O Training is paying off!

OK….so Mags has been progressing really well in the past week or two it seems…I decided to ask her for her “spin” trick tonight…which would be in essence, a 360 RIGHT in Rally moves…but I’m not involved in this “spin trick”…it’s just her(so circle is very tight/small).  I have been asking her to “twist” in the opposite direction cause  that’s ‘safe’ cause her rear leg is on the outside of the circle.  But with “spin” her leg is on the INSIDE of the circle…so harder to stay balanced with no leg to the outside…
I asked her to do it slowly and she did it….TWICE!  And never lost her balance!  Yay Maggie!!!
All the rehab exercises and Rally-O training  I’m doing with her is paying off!!! 
I’m sooooooooooo happy for her 🙂 
She’s so much more confident now…I have even noticed she’s not so freaky about the entry now and I haven’t had to do any clicker work in there for 3 weeks probably!  Wahoo!
My CONFIDENT Maggie is returning!!!!!   AND she’s having a great time doing it all at the same time!  🙂

Rally-O Practice!

What a great day I had practicing Rally-O this past Saturday!  A new sport my Mom has been doing with my little sister.  Well, now I’m trying my “paw” at it!  I proved to her that YES! I can do it!!  So, she is sending in to get me a registration # with APDT and I’ll start competing in it too!  Isn’t it cool they allow tripawds?!  I’ll show that little sister of mine, I’m just as good as her!  😉  I have a bit of trouble in a couple of sits in each video but I’ve been practicing and I’m getting much more balanced and comfortable doing sits.   It felt soooo good to be included and feel “normal”…a normal part of my life on 4 legs involved stuff like this…it sure was nice to prove to Mom that I just might like doing it in competition now!

It’s sorta like when I used to do agility – following a numbered course…but there’s no fun obstacles to “do”…but my Mom has to read the signs and we do, together, what is on the sign – like “Sit/Stand” or “Slow pace” or “Sit/Walk Around”…in the higher levels, if I get there, I’ll be able to do a low jump…so that’ll be fun!  I used to love to jump in agility! 

Oh and this weekend was the first time “South” and it didn’t involve V-E-T appointments!  What a relief that was!  I’m soooo tired of V-E-T’s…… 😉

Happy 10th Birthday Maggie!

Today is Maggie’s 10th Birthday! She got an early birthday present yesterday – one of her favorite treats – Trachea chew!!!

Maggie and her trachea chew

10+ years ago my sister called and said ‘come look at this puppy (for my hubbie)”….he’d just lost his old dog and was looking for a replacement. He wanted me to go with him. I said why? I’m not into dogs(being a horse person all my life). But I went with him. And from that day forward, my life changed! She was so precious! He wasn’t particularly “taken” by her that day at the Vet’s Office…after all, she wasn’t black or a “he”, like his old dog was. But WOW, I fell in love…imagine that…me! I wasn’t ‘into’ dogs at all!

Maggie has changed my life in so many ways. From turning me into a dog person(and getting out of horses!), to clicker training, to competing in agility for almost 9 years with her, to now her cancer and amputation.

This isn’t how I pictured my Maggie to go into her senior years…as an amputee…but the other option just wasn’t what I had pictured either – of not being here at all! .

I love you Maggie with all my heart. Happy Birthday Maggie Moo-Moo! 😉

maggie 1-10-10


Maggie’s Rehab Therapy

I’m having so much fun these days! My Mom has started doing things I used to do when I had four legs! Only now I’m impressing her even more by doing them on three! Mom is having me do cavaletti’s, Figure 8’s around two cones, balance work on a Buja Board, strenthening exercises such as ‘sit-down’ and ‘down-stand’ reps. Oh and we also mix in our Rally-O training at the same time ….which are good moves for strengthening too. You should see me do a “Left Pivot”! I’m soooo good 🙂 Here’s a couple pictures of me last night on the balance disc. My Mom let out some air in it and wanted to see if I could do it….and yup! I can ! Of course I can Mom!!! 🙂

Maggie on balance disc
Maggie on balance disc

I Fell Today :-(

What a way to ring in the New Year – I fell today 🙁

Me & Mama were walking in the logyard again.. I went running to get a stick and I lost my footing on a patch of slick snow and down I went on my amputated side. My Mama got that on tape(but didn’t get me yesterday doing greyhound laps and I NEVER fell then!)…it hurt when I did it but I shrugged it off and we continued on our walk but my Mama tied me on my Flexi after that cause she was scared I was gonna hit a slick spot again…the ground was freshly covered with new snow, so we couldn’t see the slick spots 🙁

I acted fine but after a rest, I was having a hard time getting back up, my back was roached and took me a bit to get going. My Mama gave me 1/2 of a 75 mg. Deramaxx tonight and may give me more tomorrow based on how I am.

Way back when the vet’s were trying to figure out what was wrong with me, they found that I have a calcified disc(L3) in my lower back. My Mama thinks it’s my back that is bothering me tonite but of course, I can’t talk, so can’t tell her…but me roaching my back gives her a hint..

What a way to ring in the New Year…I get a massage tonight to help me..along with the Deramaxx..

I hate falling down. It sucks.