Update on Maggie the Wonder Dog!

Just a little update on how Maggie is doing…last update was that her kidney values were getting worse and we were keeping her on Prednisone even though it appears as though she doesn’t have “Atypical Addisons”…two reasons…and the biggest reason..is she has improved DRAMATICALLY in her appetite since being on it. The other reason is maybe, just maybe it might still be Atypical Addisons(therefore she would NEED the Pred)…we’ll find out after the next round of blood work that we’ll do next month. Maybe there just wasn’t enough time(1 week) in between starting the Pred and the blood work to help? Who knows but what I DO know is her eating has improved 110%…so much so, we have backed her off a bit on the Pred. After the next check, maybe we’ll drop her even more or maybe move to other treatments for her such as Chinese herbs for her kidneys and a natural coritisone for appetite stimulant. We’ll see…

In the meantime, I am VERY much enjoying watching her eat these days! What a relief to be able to get food into her and not hold my breath to see if she might eat or not. I can now count on the fact she will eat AND I can get good foods into her to help with her kidney disease. One of her all time favorites is raw beef…which happens to be one of the lower phosphorus meats and also may be helping with her anemia. With that, she gets premixes such as Urban Wolf or Honest Kitchen Preference or Wysong Call of the Wild. She also gets raw buffalo rotating with the beef but seems to prefer beef.

Still doing daily subQ fluids – from 200-300 mls per day. She’s such a good patient for me and most times very patient with me! She is still getting Standard Process Renafood, Azodyl and Epakitin for her kidneys…and hopefully those may be helping with her BUN and CREA numbers now that she’s eating better and I can get them into her better.

I know Pred isn’t the “typical” treatment at all for kidney disease BUT it sure does help in the eating department! We’ll see if we keep her on it as time goes on…

Today, we took her for a ride in the woods and a cookout. She got a hot dog – not a “kidney friendly” food BUT it was a beef hot dog without nitrates! Does that count? Maggie thinks it does…hey, it was beef, she says! 🙂 And cheese too…yum!

Most times she looks pretty darn good to me and her coat is improving and her weight better. I don’t want her to get too heavy, though, due to three-legged-ness… She has lost quite a bit of muscling so now I have not only have to help her up the ramp(which has been like that for a LONG time) but now I have to help her down as well…not strong enough to hold herself most times without mis-stepping. Her breath is quite bad at times(kidneys) and her nose gets dry, so I put a cream on it but, all in all, given the fact she’s 13+ years old, only 3 legs due to cancer and has kidney disease…I’d say she’s not doing too badly right now! You, Miss Maggie, are one tough dog!


Happy girl waiting for her hot dog!


Papa, PLEAZE hurry up with my hot dog!


Oh it smells sooo good! Gimme now!

I think her movement is pretty darn good in this video..especially after having stood up most of the time in the Jeep for miles before stopping… her hearing is getting worse…often times, she has to be looking at me to respond to hand movements rather than voice…(or maybe it’s that selective hearing thing?)

Well..that’s all I can update on Maggie right now…until the next blood work…

‘Til then, Maggie says she’ll keep on hoppin’!

Tracy & Maggie

Author: maggie

Maggie was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on her left knee. She had amputation done on October 20, 2009. Four days after surgery she had a low grade fever and was off her food for two weeks! Trying times.. I am grateful and so pleased with how she is progressing now.

17 thoughts on “Update on Maggie the Wonder Dog!”

  1. I was just thinking about Maggie yesterday and wondering how she was doing. So glad to hear a positive update and she looks so good. That getting old is such a pain in the behind, but she seems to be doing it with grace and strength. Yay Maggie!!

  2. Tracey and Maggie! That’s a WONDERFUL UPDATE:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Eating like horse and really’ REALLT looks so vibrant and healthy in her photos!!

    And that video….are you kidding?? I should walk that good on my two large after a long car ride:-) 🙂 He is walking incredibly well and with so much spunk:-) 🙂

    I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this beautiful golden brown eyes!! Soooooooo sweet:-) 🙂

    And then talking for momma….that’s priceles:-) 🙂

    Oh yeah, I like how she faced the video camera as she stopped to pee!! Our tripawds sure do get used to applause and praise while videoing their pee and poop!!:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m soooooo happy for you….it was such a great update ad the whole community is behind you and clap for joy at how well she’s doing……for a dog of ANY age with, or without, “issues”!!

    Thanks for making our day brighter and keep those wonderful photos coming? She really looks so happy, so very happy!,

    Celebrating by woofing down some hot dogs (veggie for me..meat for Hannah) loaded with chesse:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sally and Happy hannah

  3. Tracey & Maggie that is great news. Keep going girl. Praying for good blood work for you. You mentioned a natural cortisone for appetite what would that be? you can send me a pm or to my private email if you want punkinchelle@aol.com

  4. Hi Michelle,
    The natural coritisone are capsules of wild yam and soy. The do increase appetite although that isn’t their “real” purpose. I have used them on my other dog for an old shoulder injury and also for her discoid lupus on her nose(inflammation). But the side effect to them, is increased appetite… So, I’ve been wondering about using them with Maggie instead of the prednisone…

  5. Thank you Sally and Happy Hannah! Thanks for following Maggie’s updates!! She’s doing so well considering all she’s been thru lately!


  6. Thank you and Maggie thanks you for reading her updates! She’s still fighting hard! 🙂

    Tracy & Maggie

  7. Yeah for you and Maggie. You both deserve a break and this wonderful moment in the sun. We wish you many More stress free moments together. Enjoy. Relax. Treat yourselves.
    Stay strong
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

  8. Tracy I’m SOOO SOOO SOO happy to hear that Mags is on the mend! Fingers crossed her kidney situation stays under control since she is such a great pup!!!! Its so funny watching Mags hop in the video since she and Chloe walk the same way! Except Maggie has a poofy tail….

    And of course the nitrate free sausage counts! Chloe is jealous! Wishing you both more happy and precious moments together 🙂
    -Nicole and Chloe

  9. Maggie! You’re doing so well, you lovely, senior Tripawd! I’m SO happy to hear this great news! Isn’t food, good food, and good hotdogs miracles? Keep on keepin’, and loving your very special life.
    ~ Katy

  10. Thanks Nicole!
    Yes, when I first saw Chloe moving(she was one of the first rear leg tripawds I saw besides Maggie at the time), I thought her and Chloe moved so similar!

  11. Maggie, you are one of the most heroic dogs EVER. You are a strong, strong girl and you never stop amazing us with your strength (and the same goes for your Momma too….what a pawrent!). What a relief to know that LIFE IS GOOD for you and your pack. Best. News. EVER!

  12. Nothin’ wrong with that pupdate!!! So good to see you enjoying your cookout Mags! SEE YOU SOON!!!! xoxox Auntie Gina

  13. You wait til you see me Aunt Gina!!! I’m gettin’ stronger and stronger!!! You’ll wonder if I was ever sick! (well, maybe?)


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