January 11, 2000

…today would of been Maggie’s 14th birthday…


I still miss you soooo much.

When I walk Haley out where you are buried,

the wind chimes always seem to chime when I walk by,

I stop, say “hi Maggie”, shed a tear and keep walking…

The snow has melted enough around your “three” solar lights,

the sun charged them and even after dark, one was still glowing…

“Hello, Maggie… I love you.”

I finished cleaning the grown up bushes on your winter trail,

sure missed having your help cleaning the trails.

I so wished you had made it to the next milestone I had hoped for,

your 14th birthday.

But it was not meant to be…but I know you’re looking down on me,

I can see you young again, four healthy legs, playing with a stick…

Happy birthday Maggie….thinking of you today and always…

snowshoeing Feb 2009
snowshoeing Feb 2009