Good Walk with my Golden Friends!

Maggie 12-13-09 Little Machias WalkMaple12-13-09 Little Machias Walk with Woodie, Haley & MapleWoodie

Today, me, Mom, little sister Haley and Papa went for a walk with my Mom’s friend and her two Goldens Maple and Woodie. I just LOVE Woodie…he and I are ‘buds’. We went for a walk on a woods road that wasn’t plowed but we’d driven down it to lay tracks down to walk in…but I was so into checking out everything and I’d go thru the fluffy snow just motoring along. My mom was always trying to get me to stay in the tracks! How am I supposed to check the smells out that way? We had a great walk with my Golden friends…my Mom said it was my longest walk yet and I didn’t look tired at all! But after a little rest, I was a little tired in my hindend…but a little more rest and I was back to normal. My Mom gave me another massage! I LOVE massages!!! 🙂