Squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels….

Or was it the same one only seen on three different occasions?

Maggie, I have to tell you, I have seen on three different walks over the

weekend, three squirrels. And they weren’t on their designated “Squirrel Trail”

They were on YOUR trail! I think they know you aren’t around anymore

to keep them off YOUR trail.


When I saw them, I remembered back to a time you did a very bad thing

trying to get one at our house. Now, that said, you never, ever, EVER tried

to destroy or chew anything that you weren’t supposed to. Even as a pup!

But this one occasion, it was a squirrel that put you ‘over the edge’. You were

very much an adult when this happened too but if I recall correctly, you did

have four legs then, so could really

run fast! You chased that squirrel around

and around the garage, then thru the flower garden next to the house. Until

it finally scurried up INSIDE the corner of the house trim. I was in the house

watching you. And then, all of a sudden you started ripping apart the vinyl

sided corner of the house after that squirrel! Good thing I was watching you

and got you to stop!

I don’t know if that squirrel ever did come back out. I think he waited until

you came back in the house!

Just thought I’d show everyone how C-U-T-E you were as a pup…here’s a

great one. See, you didn’t even chew my boots as a pup! Missing you….