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Well, it’s a lazy & HOT Sunday evening…so Mom is lettin’ me blog 🙂

A couple weeks ago after my debut in Rally Obedience, I got some presents in the mail…a High In Trial ribbon and a plaque! Is that cool or what!? Here’s a picture of me, Mom and my ‘goods’!

This weekend has been sooooooooooooo hot and soooooooooooooo buggy! You see, we live in Northern Maine and in the Spring after it heats up, these darn little BLACKFLIES come out with a vengeance! Holy CowDog! are they a nuisance! But me, I’m the smart one of the bunch cause I seek out the coolest and least buggy spots around the yard. I was in my doghouse when Mom and little sister, Haley, invaded my space!

This morning, before it got too darn hot, Mom took me for a walk – we decided to go on an adventure! Only she forgot her camera so no proof other than my story 🙂 I really haven’t walked much on the woods trails…Mom has been worried it might be too much for me. Well, as usual, I proved her wrong! The trail was a bit hilly and rough ground but I was a sure footed AgileCowDog that I am! 3 legs or 4 – no matter to me! I did my lovely Tripawd Trot over low trees, through mud holes and up and down small inclines. My Mom was almost in tears again…what is up with her? She made me take frequent breaks and I wanted to just keep goin’! She short cutted the trek though…she’s so afraid I’m going to get tired. Well – I proved to her I could handle that short jaunt, so she told me we’ll try another woods adventure soon 🙂

That’s all from this neck of the woods! Stay cool AND steer clear of those darn blackflies!!!!

Maggie – aka Maggie Three Paws – my new nickname 😉

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Maggie was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on her left knee. She had amputation done on October 20, 2009. Four days after surgery she had a low grade fever and was off her food for two weeks! Trying times.. I am grateful and so pleased with how she is progressing now.

10 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This n’ That”

  1. Oh, those blackflies are the worst! I lived in Bangor, Maine for a year (I didn’t have Max yet, so he never got to experience it). We went to Mt. Kineo one day and the black flies were terrible. I looked like I had a bad case of chicken pox by the next day! Good luck to all of you with those flies!

    Oh, and congratulations on the plaque and ribbon!

  2. Maggie, sounds like a lot of fun going through the woods (except for the flies….yuuuccckkkk). we’re getting ‘hot and humid’ here in ET as well, guess summer is finally here… makes the tile floors and ceiling fans our best friends!! remind mom to take her camera next time!!

  3. Hmmmm…. what is considered “hot” in Northern Maine? 😉

    We were getting hot and humid down in Texas just a couple weeks ago, now we’re settling back in at Jerry’s Acres and it feels like it’s gonna snow!

  4. ThreeleggedMax – Bangor Maine! That’s a mere 2 1/2 hrs. South of me…just a hop, skip and a jump! I used to have a horse named after Mt. Kineo… 🙂

    Admin – How’s high 80’s sound? Is that hot for ya? Is for us when last week it was freezing! Or darn near at night! I’ll take the heat though…but I think Maggie & Haley would far prefer some snow about now!


  5. Ok, that song is a hoot! But I think it’s too slow for my jammin’ Maggie! 🙂 Too funny!

    Maggie here: Hey Comet, let’s see if you could stand 20 degrees BELOW zero in the winter?!!? Can ya? huh, Can ya?! huh, huh, huh?! I bet ya’ can’t…then I’d call you a wussy! hehehe!

  6. Hey Maggie, I can hear those black flies buzzing around my ears now …growing up in NH we certainly had our fill, just the mention of them gives me the eebie jeebies (sp?) and makes me want to swing my arms. Yikes – they are nasty!

    I just love your pictures with your mom and mom in the doghouse :). You all look so happy! Mackenzie would tell you the same thing – that I often get concerned that it might be too much for her too – these adventures – but she always proves me wrong! Then she ends up doing better than the time before. So tell your mom it’s ok and not to worry too much – those nasty black flies is what you got to worry about these days.
    Congratulations on your ribbon and plaque! You’re one pawesome Maggie 3 paws!

  7. Congrats, Maggie!

    Blackflies are yucky.

    Pity about all you guys battling heat – high 80s and above. Such a shame. Breaks my heart. We just had our May long weekend here. Rain, cold, with temps ranging from lows of 2C and 9C (that’s like 36 to 50 F I think).

    So refreshing.


  8. Two and a half hours north of Bangor, huh? Are you sure you’re not in Canada? I have a friend in Presque Isle. He keeps trying to get me to study orthotics so I can go work for him, but I’m sticking to prosthetics. He’s a one-legged prosthetist! He is determined to find a three legged dog of his own in the future, but it’s gotta wait til his babies are just a little bigger.

  9. Wow! This world surely is small isn’t it sometimes! Presque Isle is just 45 minutes from me and that’s where we shop – in the “big town”.
    Well, too bad Maggie didn’t have a ‘stump’ for a prosthetic – I could get your friend up here to make her a fourth leg…
    And yes, we are very close to Canada 🙂

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