What we do on cold winter nights in Maine..

Because me and my little sister get very bored in the winter of being inside, my Mom does stuff with us in the house like we practice our Rally-O moves – which I am getting VERY good at on three legs, the hardest thing for me is sitting but my Mom says “you can do it Maggie”, so I try harder and don’t ya’ know I can do it 🙂

Tonite, my Mom pulled out the cavaletti jumps from the barn and brought them in the house. They can be changed to various heights, the highest is below my hock height. My Mom was trying to think of things I could do easily…she wasn’t going to do the cavaletti’s with me but I was sassing her on the sidelines waiting my turn while little sister Haley was having so much fun with them, so she decided to flip them to the lowest height – bar on the ground…I totally amazed her with my grace thru them! She told me I can STILL do them better than little sister Haley! 😉 He-he! So she turned them up to the next height and don’t ya’ know, I could do them even better than lower! I didn’t have a problem in the least! My Mom was so happy to see me being able to do them! She and I used to love working thru the cavaletti’s…she always like to watch me moving thru them…always saying I looked so graceful, like a small horse trotting thru them…well, now I hop…but I do so gracefully still!

We were all done our play session and my Mom went to get the computer and what was playing on there but a screensaver movie of her and I running in agility …. it made my Mom cry… to see me running thru the course with her…this was the first time really that it really “hit” Mom that nope, we would not be doing agility like that again…. But that’s OK she says…as long as I’m still here with my Mom is all that matters she says…we’ll have fun doing the cavaletti’s in the livingroom on a cold winter’s night……….. 🙂