Christmas Day 2009

Destuffed duckie in less than 3 minutes!  Mission accomplished!squirrel hunting!

It was a really good Christmas for us all!  First off, I am here to celebrate with my Mama, Papa and OK, not so bad, little sister Haley.  We got up and unwrapped presents!  Yay!  I’ve been trying to do that for a few days now…my pawrents keep telling me ‘no, Maggie…just a few more days’…..finally, it was here!  I LOVE to unwrap presents…mine and anyone else’s!  It looked like a bomb went off after I was done!  I looooooovvvvvve it!  Even little Sister Haley got into it more this year than in year’s past but she still hasn’t figured out how to do it as well as me!  Ha-ha! 😉

I managed to destuff that duckie in less than 3 minutes!  Record breaking time!  When Mama wasn’t paying attention to me and I put a hole in it and quickly started pulling out the squeaker and then it was over………all the rest of the stuffing came out too!  My Mama tolerated me doing it so quickly cause, after all, it was my Christmas present…so I could do whatever I wanted to do with it right?!  Not to mention that I’m a tad more spoiled now that I ‘hop along’ on three legs 😉

Then after breakfast we went for a great walk….me and little sister were hunting for squirrels in the log piles…we never did find any but had a grand time looking!  I amaze my pawrents going thru the deep snow jumping over banks… My Mama has even noticed when I am on a flexi that I’m getting stronger and not looking so ‘labored’ in my movements when moving slower….I look more normal now moving on leash…I can move slower now easier…

A good day…we all had a good time today..the best Christmas present of all is to just be with my family and enjoying each others company – and they tell me the same 🙂