Greyhound Laps!!!

I can do it!!!!  I still can do it!!!  Greyhound laps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

That’s what my Mom calls it when I run really fast and make huge laps around our big yard!!!!  Tonight was the fastest and the longest I have run since well before my surgery in October!!!!!!

I was soooo pumped…I don’t know if it was the buffalo jerky Mama had fed me earlier clicker training me over my fear in the entry(since amputation I am fearful of a section in our entry) or the fact that Papa had taken some out and was giving me some outside too….I think it was POWER JERKY! 

I ran sooooooooooo fast and made two laps around our Papa said “she doesn’t look like she has three legs, she looks like she’s got 16!!!!”….that’s how fast I was running!  And guess what else Papa said…he told me “you still got it Maggie!  You can still beat Little Sister running!!!”  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 

Do I feel goooooood tonight!

Happy New Year to all!  Run fast, all my 3 legged friends!!!!