Walk, Play, Eat & then zzzzzz…

Me, Mom, Papa and Little Sister Haley went for a walk today…great walk! This time there was more snow, so I decided following the

have . A plowed dirt road was an easier choice then trying to wade thru the deep snow. Mom & Papa keep telling me to “wait up! wait for us! what’s your rush?” I guess now that I’m on 3 legs, I travel faster than when I was on four!

Mom forgot to bring the camera but she got pictures after we got back of me playing with Little Sister in hot pursuit of me. I LOVE Jolly Balls and Mom had just found mine for me! Then we got Trachea Chews! YUM!!!! I love those – I barely take a breath during eating those up!Fun With Little Sister in hot pursuit! I love my jolly ball, I love my jolly ball, I LOVE my jolly ball!

Time to catch some zzzzzz's now :-)

Trachea chews...YUM!!!