Time to check in with you Maggie…

Actually that is  a silly title…I think of you so often, Maggie.  I’m sure you are fully aware of how much I do!

Last weekend, Haley and I went for a walk in the field behind the house for the first time this Spring.  Thought of you when we got to “our”(yours and mine!) “Thinking Rock”, as I used to call it.  You and I would sit up there on that rock and just overlook the lake and our yard down below.

Standing on the "Thinking Rock"
Standing on the “Thinking Rock”
grass a bit long for this tripawd but Maggie managed...
grass a bit long for this tripawd but you managed…back on our “Thinking Rock”
the view from our "Thinking Rock"
the view from our “Thinking Rock”.  Ice still on the lake…


and the view from our yard to the field...
and the view from our yard to the field…Maggie’s resting place under those two large pines…

You loved to walk in the fields…mouse hunting was a great thing to do..

great smells in the field
great smells in the field

Or just taking in the views….

looking toward home...
looking toward home…

Miss you soooo much, Maggie…it’s the first Spring without you.  Got through the first winter but now emotions are all stirred up yet again with a changing season….

My gorgeous Maggie...
My gorgeous Maggie…
Alone but together,
we walk this trail,
To you there is nothing
I could not tell
Walking in silence
engulfed in nature’s song,
We share so much
as we go along.
Kindred spirits,
friends for all time….
You and I,
we’re two of a kind.
grass too long...couldn't go far...
Love you Maggie!

Author: maggie

Maggie was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on her left knee. She had amputation done on October 20, 2009. Four days after surgery she had a low grade fever and was off her food for two weeks! Trying times.. I am grateful and so pleased with how she is progressing now.

5 thoughts on “Time to check in with you Maggie…”

  1. Tracy,
    I totally understand your feelings with the change of the season. I love the pictures that you have shared of Maggie & the “Thinking Rock”. I really really love the rainbow picture. Its the “promise” I know that Maggie was with you on your walk. The poem was lovely. Sometimes its great to show our babies with the things they loved so much.

    Maggie we are all missing you & thinking of you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. ‘Have tried on two different occasions to write you today and each time the submit won’t work.

    So…I’m going to do a test run………

  3. Michelle, it’s odd,isn’t it. I was like a switch went off when the season changed and Maggie is on my mind a lot.

    Sally, I’m sorry you’re having troubles posting! I see your ‘test run’! 🙂
    Thanks for checking in with us!


  4. Tracy this is such a beautiful tribute to Maggie, I love the photos.

    She is always on our minds too and still such an inspawration to so many. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by when we don’t point someone to her story, she is a superstar among superstars and like spring itself, a shining example of the possibilities that lay ahead.

    May the coming days of sunshine and warmth embrace your heart and lift your spirits with the unforgettable adventures that you shared in your own back yard.

    Maggie lives on.

  5. Awe, thank you Rene for you comments…It brings tears to my eyes, reading that you point people to Maggie’s story… I am glad that my Maggie can help and her legacy lives on!

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

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