Wish I could do the things I used to do easily….

There are times that I’m so bummed I can’t do the things I’ve done all my life as easy as I used to or do them at all 🙁  My Mom and me and my sister were out tonight and I ran into the barn to grab a toy…then I shake it for all it’s worth to KILL IT…well, due to the snow on the ground now, I lost my grip and balance and down I went again…I think I’ve fallen almost everyday for four days now!  Soooooooooooooooo depressing…hurts my pride…I’m a VERY proud dog and used to be sooooo AGILE.  I often wonder what happened to me?  Why can’t I be like I used to be?  My little sister was busy barking and trying to chase the distant deer herd away(we have electronic fence so we can’t get at them!) and usually I would join in…but not now, not after I fell..I knew better then…to just stand and watch her do it on her own…that was one of my favorite things to do….  Makes my Mom sad to see me not be able to do the things I used to do and it makes me sad and confused at times. 🙁

Good Walk with my Golden Friends!

Maggie 12-13-09 Little Machias WalkMaple12-13-09 Little Machias Walk with Woodie, Haley & MapleWoodie

Today, me, Mom, little sister Haley and Papa went for a walk with my Mom’s friend and her two Goldens Maple and Woodie. I just LOVE Woodie…he and I are ‘buds’. We went for a walk on a woods road that wasn’t plowed but we’d driven down it to lay tracks down to walk in…but I was so into checking out everything and I’d go thru the fluffy snow just motoring along. My mom was always trying to get me to stay in the tracks! How am I supposed to check the smells out that way? We had a great walk with my Golden friends…my Mom said it was my longest walk yet and I didn’t look tired at all! But after a little rest, I was a little tired in my hindend…but a little more rest and I was back to normal. My Mom gave me another massage! I LOVE massages!!! 🙂


We woke up this morning to a balmy measly 6 degrees AND windy!  Yuck.  I don’t like to go out in that kind of weather unless Mom goes out with me!  Later in the day, me, Mom, Papa and Haley went for a short walk in a logyard where my Mom’s lumbermill keeps their logs.  We go there ’cause it’s plowed for me to walk safely.  I still had to be careful though.  Mom kept me on leash cause the center of the road where they’d been driving over it alot was slick and she feared if I saw a deer or something, I’d fall on that slippery part of the road. 

Later in the day, we went outside again one last time for the day.  I get really crazy toward the end of the day.  My Mom always says it is when my ‘prey drive’ kicks in…that was the time of the day she and I always liked to practice agility…cause I was just full of energy then!

Because of all the wind, it has blown the snow all over the place and now where the snow remains, it is ROCK SOLID.  I was feeling pretty silly and I took off cause Mom was chasing me out of a deer poop pile ( I just LOVE to eat deer poop!) and I ran just as fast as I could thru the hard packed snow…but it got deep toward the end and I got hung up in the stupid snow again 🙁  My Mom worries so much about me hurting my one back leg.  I’m trying to be careful but sometimes I just feel like I can do anything..just like I could with four legs…but I get reminded I can’t do the things I used to do, or at least as easily as I used to.

My Mom gave me a massage later just to be sure I was OK and didn’t hurt myself….I just LOVE my massages my Mom gives me 🙂

First Major Snowstorm


Today is our first major snowstorm here in Northern Maine.  This is my first trail in the snow.  My Mom wanted to show everyone what a 3 legged dog trail looks like 🙂  Unfortunately, when I got to the bank I fell face first ;-(  I was trying to do my usual jump over the snow bank but I just can’t be as “agile” as I once was with four legs.  Hurt my pride more than anything.  My Mom brushed my face off and my belly and told me it’s “it’s OK Maggie”.

Hello World!

Hi There! My Mom has decided to blog my ‘life and times’ as a three legged dog. I had surgery for soft tissue sarcoma removing my left rear leg on October 20, 2009. I went off my food on Oct 25th and had a low grade fever for two weeks. My Mom tried many things to get me to eat…she tried really hard and kept feeding me by hand – one little piece at a time. Those two weeks were very trying for both her and I. We were both so very scared. What was going on? No one could give us any answers. Finally, my fever broke and I started to eat again on my own! Man, was I ever happy about that and Mom was too! I have been eating nonstop since!